Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saving My Daughters Jeans

So my daughter brings me her 'favorite' pair of jeans & tells me there is a hole in the hiney do I think they are still ok to wear!? REALLY?! See this hole? Not on my 16 year olds hiney. But they ARE her favorite so I decided to try & save them - they are American Eagle after all - LoL - Whatever makes her happy - I won't pay full price for a name on a piece of clothing but certainly at a resale shop or Goodwill! I think we paid maybe $5 for her FAVORITE pair of jeans!!! So here is the hole -
Back side of the jeans - they look ok other than the huge hole in the hiney.
I had her pick some of my fabric she liked & here is what we came up with. I paid like $70 for a pair of jeans done this way - NEVER in a million years would I do that again but my grandmother had sent me money for my birthday & like every year before insisted I spend it on me instead of my kids - well I had just lost a TON of weight & seen these jeans that we $70 & thought why not - just this once. Anyway they were cut up & patched like this sort of - I got more compliments on those jeans -
I am hoping for the denim around the patches to frey more but these are the stretchy denim material & not sure it will. I do appreciate the stretchy denim thing as I once weighed 200 lbs & they were wonderful - but now I just want plain ol' denim!
Now to decide how I am going to fix these jeans. These are my daughter's boyfriends old jeans - he ripped the entire butt out of them. I ADORE mens/boys jeans for ME! So I tried these on - & YES they are just they way I like them to fit - but of course they need some thrashing & sewing done to them!!!