Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a quick hello .....

Just thought I'd share the pics of the two necklaces I was able to get made this weekend.
Ring Around the Posie's
I have just loved making these little wire daisy necklaces - so I figured why not??
Daisy Duo
Thanks for stopping by & seeing what I'm up to!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A few new pieces & update on what I have been up to ...

So first I want to share what I have been mostly up to lately -
I mentioned a couple of times starting a new job this summer - well I started working for AMEX through a company named West in mid April.
I enjoyed it somewhat - but there was a lot of crazy things going on & the insurance through them was a joke & I was having to work Saturdays - my schedule was crazy.
10 hr days M, W, F & Sa
So when I went to work there I met this lady that I quickly became friends with - she is a 71 yr old lady & I absolutely adore her.
Anyway she told me about another job that she had applied for & gotten.
Well I too applied & got the job!!!
I went to work for Coca Cola Enterprises July 12th & I think I have finally found a 'home'.
I have the most amazing benefits with this job.
I love what I do -
I love the atmosphere-
I just love my job-
I don't drink soda - but I do insist on buying Coke products now!!
I came across this beautiful flutterby the other day - I didn't figure I'd have any luck getting in the house & getting the camera before it flew off - but I ran in the house anyway.
Yea me - I made it!!
How pretty!
Same one just with closed wings

I did get some time with my metals last weekend.
Here are the few things I made.
I am really loving the picture taking as well!
I haven't made it out there to work on anything this weekend -
but it is still Sunday - I am thinking nap then playing with some ideas!
who doesn't love peace right?
I hear a lot of talk about it - I just wish the entire world would really realize peace starts with yourself! If you will just BE PEACE you are headed in the right direction.

I have made one of these pendants before - it was a little different - but I just love it so I had to make another one - this one sold right away - so I am thinking I need to make more like this maybe with some variations.

Ahhh ... & of course the little mushroom.
I have had this idea for a while - it just finally came together.
I used brass, copper & silver on this one.
I can't help but think of Alice & Wonderland!