Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I think I shall.

Isn't it funny how new friendships form?
How they just kind of come out of nowhere sometimes?

Well I met MY new friend at the bead shop.  I find it a little bitter sweet though.  She lives in  California but is here house sitting.  She will be here for a few months - just enough time to really become friends - then she goes back to California!

Not only do we have the obvious in common - jewelry making - but she & I are a lot alike in ways.  I love her no nonsense yet caring personality!

Anyway - so I decided to ask her if she wanted to do the Blue Dome Art Festival with me here in Tulsa.  YES!!!  She is excited about doing it! 

I am super excited about this too.  The Blue Dome Festival is a great art festival - probabley the best in the Tulsa area! 

It is May 19-21 so my next month is going to have to be crazy diciplined - work work work - of course this kind of work is fun work!  The kind I like ... but I have to make myself really dedicate some major time to getting ready!!!!! 

BTW - here is my new friends FB page!
Anna Grace Designs