Thursday, May 19, 2011

The New Chapter

My oldest daughter graduates tonight.
I am full of so many emotions today.  She is such a beautiful young lady.
That I can see with my physical eyes everyday. 
But my 'mommy eyes' still see this beautiful baby girl that made my heart flutter.
She is still that lil' girl that looked up at me with those onary faces that made me laugh so much because I knew she was the sweetest lil' thing ever & there wasn't a mean bone in her little body.
She was such a perfect child.
When she was only one month old I had to go in & get my tonsils taken out - the night before my 'big' surgery I was rocking my little angel to sleep & telling her about my big day the next day & explained to her mommy needed sleep so she needed to try & sleep through the night. 
That lil' angel slept the entire night for the first time that night.
When she was a baby it was just her & I - in my mind that little girl & I were going to conquer this world. 
I would put her in bed with me a lot.  I wanted her to snuggle with me so bad - lil' turd hated it!!!  She was not & still isn't much of a cuddler. 
She has always been a very strong minded lil' lady.  Even when she was in elementary school & would have a group of girls come stay the night - they would say lets go for a walk -my girl would tell them - You guys go ahead - I won't be mad - but I just don't want to - I will be right here when you get back.  She has never had a problem standing on her own two feet.
Oh - one time - in second grade maybe - there was a little girl in her class that was quite the bully.  Sam would just simply raise her hand & the girl would tell her to put it down.  I told my child as I have all my children - that MY kids don't put up with bullying.  NEVER NO-HOW NO WAY!  But I don't encourage my kids to fight - never hit first but if they put their hands on you YOU defend YOURSELF.  I had always told my kids that by being strong & tough - not putting up with the bullying - standing up to them just might stop that bully from hurting someone else.  Ok so anyway - this girl finally put her hands on my child on the playground one day - I will never forget the pride on Sam's face when she came home from school that day!  She shoved that little girl & she went scooting across the concrete on her lil' butt!  My daughter had stopped her bullying & was so proud of herself - as was I!
I know this child will go on to do great things.  She is already enrolled in college.  She is going to be a teacher for metally challenge children.  She has a great love for them & they feel her good spirit & are just drawn to her.
When I watch her walk across that stage tonight the tears that will flow will be tears of joy - some sadness about the chapter that is closing.  While I am proud of her & happy with the young lady she has become - I will miss the child that I have loved so much.