Saturday, January 21, 2012

It is sneaking up on us ...

Valentine's Day that is.

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The pendant is approx 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I lived in a land full of fairies.
They would sprinkle me with amazing fairy dust.
I had the most amazing little girls room full of daisies & dragonflies.
We would run through fields of ...

Ok so I am really full of shit.
I lived in what we called hell.
Girstown USA
Whiteface, Texas
Better known as the middle of nowhere.
We all had stories.

Here is mine.

It was 2 days before my 15th birthday
The first time I drove down that long ass driveway lined with trees.
This was my first time to see a cotton field.
It was August & I thought it was some weird phenomenon

Ok back to it.
We drove straight down that road to the office.
I was scared as hell in my grey Wrangler, blue & white striped shirt, green boots & the most hideous maroon & grey belt that hung down in front like I had a wiener.
I didn't not want to see the inside of that office.
Later I would find going to that office was sacred.
In we went ... me, my dad & my Nana.

I think we went to eat lunch in the dining room first.
Holy shit that scared me even more.
Walking in there with all these troubled girls eyes on nothing but me
The new girl.
You see I was not tough at all.
Matter of fact I was one big pussy.

My first roommates name was Traci.
She was very nice.

But I hated her because I wasn't suppose to be here.
We had another roommate but she had ran away.
She was my 'roommate' for many months but I never met her.
Oh & my dorm parents.
Holy shit.
I can't even begin to explain - but they too scared the shit out of me.
I mean really look at them.
He was 10' tall with a mustache that could hurt you alone.
And those boots ... that is another story.

So here I am & there goes my dad & Nana in her gold 1973 Buick LeSabre
(hey don't laugh that was my first car)
What the hell was I suppose to do now?

Well first off my birthday was in two days.
That was a strategic move.
See you couldn't be 'locked up' there after you turned 15.
So for my first birthday locked up I was there with all those eyes that scared me.
No calls.
Well you know that was against the rules.
30 days:
No calls from home.
No mail from home.
No contact with anything I fucking knew.

So you can imagine the pity fucking party I had for my 15th birthday.
My dad & Nana just dumped me in the middle of cotton hell with a bunch of crazy chics.
Oh yea after 2 days I was still 'the new girl'
And the 'mafia' wasn't digging  me & my maroon & grey wiener belt.

I was scared to death of the mafia momma too.
She is the smiley one on the bottom left with the pink shirt on.

I remember my first punishment was for calling my roommate Traci a bitch
I had to scrub our dining room floor in our dorm with a toothbrush.
Thanks for that lesson Betsy!

Well eventually I became very close to Cristi.
She was 2 years older than me.
She was like my big sister.
(psst .. that is the weiner belt)

Then she left me.
Like that she graduated & left.
I felt alone again.
I had made other friends

But my sister just left me.
That girl there in the middle.
Thats Tonya.
Holy shit was I scared of her!
Then she moved into our dorm.
I don't remember why.
But I was glad ... we became friends.
Just was not so scary.
She was like the rest of us.
So we became very close.
Loved her.
I think we were roommates but I can't remember for sure.

She made bail.
She left me.

But not before we outed the creepy houseparents above!

So then we had some other crazy houseparents.
Don & Karen.
Oh Karen loved me.
When I would burp as loud as possible she would ground me.
Tee hee ... I didn't mean to burp Karen.
It is a natural bodily function.

Then there was Sherri & Stan!

Oh no not real family.
But trust me they are family.

There is so much between the beginning & end I don't remember.
And so much I do.

Summer trips with girls we didn't normally 'hang' with
But loved nevertheless.

Trips to Boys Ranch that you get to know someone you may have never become close to otherwise.  And the next thing you know you love them too.
One thing I know for fact is we were hot!

I did things there I would never have done at home.
Well what did you expect ... we graduated with 13 people.
I had my own hog.

But the point to my story:
That mafia that I mentioned?!
Those girls are my sisters.
I love each & everyone of them.
With the good & bad we went through
I learned something from every single one of them that I carry with me today.
We graduated in 1991
We all left.
My sisters were gone.
Not one of them.
All of them.

Then there was FaceBook.
My hero.
Thank you Tom.
(wasn't that the guys name that was your first friend when you signed up?)

I have my sisters back in my life.
We are spread out all over this country & world.
But they are my sisters.
Take a few years from us ... but you will never take our love for each other!
We still slept together.
We still laughed together.
We will forever be bonded by that long driveway lined with trees.
And fairy dust.

Stay tuned for more pictures with more sisters!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy 2012.
I am excited to see what this year will bring.
I have a lot to look forward to.

In April I have my very first featured piece in Bead Trend magazine.
Then more in May & June.
I am working on something to submit for July.
You get it.

2011 proved to be a growing year for my business.
I am still finding my 'place' as a business -
But I am learning as I go.

I am going to jump in with both feet & try to publish a how to book.
That is my one & only New Year's Resolution.
Although I do have other goals.
I just don't want to put that huge stress on my shoulders.

Instead I am just going to continue to have fun.
Play with my torch.
And continue to love what I do.

Here is a great year for all of us!

Friday, November 18, 2011


So I have a little bit of news to share.

First of all ...
One of my pair of earrings will be featured in the Bead Trend magazine in April!
Super excited about this.
ME published?!?!
I can't wait until April!!!

Also ... officially ... my jewelry is being carried in a retail shop.
The Secret Garden Candle Company is carrying it as of Wednesday!!!
I will be making more for them.
Inspirational pieces.

So I have had a lot going on ... but I love being busy in my playground!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Truly Hate About ME

There is this thing,
about me,
that I truly hate.

I am completely insecure in love.
In general,
in the rest of my life,
I am pretty secure in what I do & who I am.
I can do anything I want to do.
But love?

I love him with everything in me.
I waited way too long to get here.
I never want to lose it.
 I know he loves me too.
I am just always afraid there is better.
I don't talk about this.
I carry it around inside,
And it eats me up.
Sometimes makes me absolutely crazy.
Other times all is good.
It must be that day for silent struggle.
It will pass.
And I will still have this.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am back home.
We got home on Friday.
I think today is the first day I truly feel rested & was ready to get back to it.
I had a show on Saturday so I had to get up & get going again right away.
The show went well.

So before I show you what I worked on today first I will tell you the results we got for our week in Memphis.

My daughter is a candidate for the surgery to end her seizures.
We are tentatively going back in January.
So I am sure I will be really keeping myself busy to keep my mind from stressing.
This is a good thing but stress is definitely there.

So I have already jumped right back into my work.
I seriously don't think I walked away for my desk more than long enough to shower.
I love being creative.
And I love being able to go with whatever style my mind wants to go with.
Today I had this Vintage Victorian thing sticking with me.

I really had some true intentions of doing some of these in just sterling.
Very clean.
Very much not me!

By why change what works for me.
Why move away from what I love?
This is me.

I am loving the silhouettes.

But this has to be my favorite of the day:

Remember the old victorian pictures like this?
I want one now.
I am going to have to make one for my house!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exhaustion - then its gone.

Complete exhaustion has set in.
I was hopeful Bay would just rest well last night without events.
But that didn't happen.

We settled in.
Bay went right to sleep.
Mom & I were right to sleep.

Then I hear Mom saying, 'Bailey, Bailey'
I sit up & see Bay getting out of her bed
About to pull all of her wires out.

The next about 2 hrs were very busy.
She had 2 small seizures then one big one.
I ended up sleeping most the night in bed with her
Tight squeeze - we are big girls.

Well while typing this the doctors came in to talk to us.
My exhausted feeling is gone.
Amazing how news can change the way one feels metally & physically.

For the first time in 13 yrs I know exactly where Bay's seizures come from.
I know that her seizures, where they come from & all of it makes sense.
Not to me but to the doctor.
The person that it matters to make sense to.

He can't say firmative just yet but from what he has seen so far she very well may be a candidate for surgery.
A cure.
I have hope.
She has hope.