Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was never a big make up girl.
I use to weigh over 200 lbs & didn't really see make up hiding ALL of that.
But I lost the weight & gained the confidence to be pretty. I started playing with my eye makeup about a year ago?!
I have gotten bolder & bolder with putting it on & I have looked as some pics & asked my husband - OMG why didn't you tell me I looked like a damn clown!! LoL

I started using mineral makeup a couple of years ago - I love it. I was using the cheaper Ulta brand brushes - a brush is a brush is a brush - right?
And of all people that should know better I should! Being a painter & spending a lot of money on paint brushes that were a 'deal' but weren't smooth & wore out very quickly - you would think I would have considered that.
Well - Kat Von D - one of my fave people - came out with her own line of makeup brushes & eyemake up. I wanted them soo bad - but gosh - I couldn't stand spending the cash on it!
For Valentines Day my sweetie spoiled me - Kat Von D brush set & a pallete of eyeshadow.
The brushes feel like velvet on my eyelids - my old brushes would occasionally poke me. And the blend everything JUST RIGHT.
The eyeshadow stays PUT. My eyes are always watering - at least a little - & at the very least in the outer corners of my eyes my makeup will wear off because of that. But not with this eyeshadow - I use black eyeshadow for eyeliner - much softer look than harsh eyeliner pencils or the liquid stuff - & it even stays right where I want it. I am horrible about washing my makeup off before I go to bed also - I know bad bad BAD - but when I wake with this makeup on my eyes are still beautiful! But it isn't hard to get off either - I just wash my face in the morning in the shower & without a problem is comes right off.
Here is a pic I took of my eyes after using this great product.