Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My creating jewelry comes from a lifetime of needing to be creative.
I see it evolving all the time.
But that is what happens with creativity.

I love a few of my recent pieces - so I thought I should come share.

Butterflys are always fun.  I loved the textured brass & had to play with it!

My love of copper & sterling silver together along with my constant dreaming this piece just seemed necessary.

And as long as it isn't just freezing outside I love doing photo shoots!  I have come to enjoy my time with my camera.

I love the rugged edgy look of this piece add with the feminine touch of a sterling silver flower.

Again ... my love of copper & sterling silver guides me often!

This piece happens to be my current FAVORITE. 
Although this does change with each new piece!  LoL

But this one just feels good.

I am even considering using it for my business cards.

Day 21 — (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

I go see my friend.
I go tell her I love her.
I go tell her that everyone has fights or problems - but we are friends & that matters.

So you see-

Day 20 — Your views on drugs and alcohol

Yep I suck at finishing things I have started.
Not this time.  I will FINISH this one!

So drugs hu?  No thank you.  Just not for me.  I have seen many lives destroyed by drugs.  Not my life - I intend on keeping it & the people in it.

Alcohol?  I see nothing wrong having a drink.  So long as it is responsible. 
Job?  Get up & go to work.
Kids?  Get up & take care of them.
Last $5?  Don't buy beer.
Drinking?  Don't drive.

So simple!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I am not a badass.

I have a tendency of acting like a badass.
As if I am unbreakable or unstoppable.
And in many ways that is so true for me.
BECAUSE I had to be to get through some cards I was dealt.
But a true 'beat your ass' badass I am not.
I do push myself & make myself reach for the unreachable.
I create positive for myself.
I speak positive as often as possible.
I do believe speaking & believing it makes it happen.
You can't walk around in this world & just let bad things happen.
You have to go after what you want & get them.
They don't just walk up to you & say here I am for your taking.
I learned that in a hard lesson ... but I learned.
Right now I am in a funk of sorts.
I don't really even fucking know why.
Thats that shitter of it.
I have been dealing with some things with my daughter ... which have actually gotten much better since her medication was changed.
But other than that I have a great life, great kids and a man that supports me in all my crazy tangents.  I could tell him tomorrow I wanted to quit my job & be a clown & he would hate it but support me.
But I still have hit this damn funk.
My creativity is suffering.
My spunk in general is suffering.
But I will find it again. 
Who the hell knows ... but I will find my badass & we will come back!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Well ....

So I haven't done so well with my writing lately.
I haven't really been up to it. 
I have had a lot on my mind though.
I can't quite explain it.
My daughter has been easier lately.  We figured out that some of her medicine was causing outburst.  She is off that medicine now.  But the seizures are bad sometimes now.  Like one after another.  It definetly weighs heavy on my heart.  
Even sitting here now I don't really have it in me to really write anything worth reading.
I will get back to it.
So don't give up on me ...

Day 19 — What do you think of religion?

I find religion to be a personal thing. 
There are many out there.  I believe what I believe because of where I have been in my life.
I choose not to push my beliefs on others because I have seen how that turns out.
I find different religions to be very interesting also. 
I like to know why people believe the way they do.
I respect that they believe the way they do and expect the same in return.
I love discussions with people about religion.
I never judge - I listen but I also give my opinions. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 18 — Your views on gay marriage.

Wow these are getting a little bit touchy!

But I am tough I can handle it!

So my views on gay marriage.  I think it is really none of my business.  A choice in the way one lives their life is their own.  I have no business deciding if your house is painted green or black ... so why would I have any business deciding something more critical? 

Now on the other side of this ....  because there always is

There are places that cover 'domestic partners' on insurance ... but 'domestic partner' on an insurance plan means same sex partner.  Well me & my 'domestic partner' - which is pretty much the same thing - we don't have a legal document that says we are married - but in our hearts, minds & souls we are - BUT - the insurance company doesn't see that way because he has a penis & I have a vagina ... not two peckers or two chi-chi's. 

So that I say is bullshit.

No fault of the gay community at all ... I don't blame them ... nor do I judge them.

But I want things to be equal ... oh yea right ...

Day 17 — A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

I am so stuck here!

I can't honestly think of a book that I have read that has changed my views.

I thought the bible ... but I was raised reading the bible so I can't say it changed my views. 

Anything other than that ... just don't know!

The last thing I read was the Twilight series ... but no views changed there! 

So we will skip this one ..