Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Becoming Smoke Free

Well obviously I slacked for a couple of days
Well not really have I been a slacker
I was off playing with my family for Thanksgiving for the weekend.
We had the best meal.
That will be another post.

Right now I have to scream & fit
I woke up while gone to my mother's house early Sunday morning
I could NOT breath.
It was awful.
Because ..
(confession coming here - yuck)
I smoke.

I actually quit years ago for 4 years.
Then it wasn't hard -
Or least I don't remember it being hard.

So I woke up yesterday & announced to my dear husband
'I'm quitting'
'When this pack is gone - no more'
So I made those last.
I haven't had but one since about 5pm yesterday.

Today at work I bummed one.
After I started crying like I was PMS'ing
Just because someone has a crappy life & picked me to be rude to.
I bummed one.
 I am rather proud of the fact I only bummed one -
I typically smoke at least a pack a day.
I kind of feel like a crazy person right now!
Either I am bouncing my leg like I am on something
Or I am ready to scream at any and everything
OR the worst yet ...
I cry!
ewww ... I don't cry.
Ok I do but not because someone hurt my feelings.
I don't get my feelings hurt.
Not by people I don't even know!

But I will
defeat this
It might take me a few days or weeks to get past the icks of it
But I'm tough  & will get past it.

It is funny my husband & I think a lot alike
Last night he said when you get the urge go get on the bowflex -
I had already thought of that!
That way I don't risk the weight piling back on either!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Things I learned this week - 11/26/2010

Well another fun filled week of learning. 
I learned Pink is pregnant!

My daughter knew before me.
You could say I have a girl crush on her.
She is so much her own person without anyone telling her who or what to be
I adore that
Her songs feed my soul
Most of them have such a great inspirational message
And yes a lot of them have a 'F' you message!
Of course those songs sometimes help me through my day also!

I learned that when I am soldering I get impatient sometimes.
Instead of steady heat I try to turn it up & make it go faster
really - it melts silver if you are not careful
But where there is patience comes beauty.

I learned that while my youngest daughter is very book smart
And started walking at only 9 months
I should have spent more time teaching her how to walk correctly
I think she has told me about tripping & falling hurting herself like 5 times this week

I also learned about the above mentioned daughter that she is a lil' shit
I had a pimple on my cheek & she was sure to mention the 'mountain' on my face daily
She also liked that I had a fat lip from dental work
She said I looked like I was trying to be Angelina Jolie
Now while she is pretty I know my brat wasn't making that claim
She was being a lil' shit

I also learned that my 8 year old so is totally a boob man -
Or would that be boob boy?
I don't guess this is a huge bad thing
He  knows what he likes!
But at 8?

Lets see what else ..
I can't think of anything else right now.
Nothing huge or substantial this week .. but fun
But I will learn more in the weeks to come I am sure!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Are You Thankful For?

This is a must post for Turkey Day right?
Why YES!

Even though I bitch about going to work every chance I get
I am quite thankful to have a job I can for the most part enjoy
And I am good at it
I turn my filter on when I go to work
So for the most part the customers LOVE me
They love me because I am full of shit 99% of the time!

Even though I bitch about my kids sometimes
I am soo thankful for each of them
They really are the most amazing bunch of kids
And I am so lucky that they are mine
(please do NOT tell them I said that)

Even though I bitch about my piece of shit car daily also
I am thankful I do NOT have a car payment but a car to drive
It does get me from point A to point B
And since I only drive 6 minutes to work who cares right?

Which by the way I am WAY thankful for
I hate driving

But I totally miss my Monster Bronco
it was my mid-life crisis car I guess
I always wanted one when I was young
I really want it back
Everyone stayed the hell out of my way!

I never bitch about my husband but I am very thankful for him
I am a lucky lucky lucky girl
Another story for another day
But he loves me & I know that
Knowing is awesome!

Aren't we cute???

I am thankful!
I love the life I live
I make my life what I want it
I don't follow every rule
I make some of my own as I go
And I am thankful I have the God given right to be who I am
I don't make excuses
I just laugh every chance I get  
& love life .... 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My kids think they are Pranksters - NOT EVEN

I think I am funny
Not like Bernie Mac funny
NOW he was funny - I am so sad he is gone.
But definetly I believe I am funny.

I have 5 kids (bet I never mentioned that before hu?)
All of them but one are in their teen years.
You know how they get .. they start thinking they are funny.
They try to embarrass me all the time.
Or pull April Fools pranks on me.
Well you can get me -
That is for sure.
do expect the favor to be returned!

Oh yes I am a awesome mom also!
My oldest daughter loves the April Fools jokes.
But I don't think after last year she will be pulling that anymore
Or maybe she will really get me?
She has wanted a VW Bug for her first car  for as long as I can remember.
SO I took a pic of me sitting in one on my phone & sent it to her
Told her it was my new car
Oh yes it was the exact color she wanted & all ..
She wouldn't speak to me!

My next oldes child likes to be loud & abnoxious
When I ALLOW him to go in public with me.
(I don't allow any of them in public with me often - LoL)
So I told him one day while at Wal-Mart his was coming!
And oh yes Mamma got him!
Being the very masculine male he is I came up with a plan
I waited long enough he forgot
And for a cute girl to come walking by
Then I walked up to him in the most loving way I could
Put my arm on his back & all but yelled ...

'It's ok son - your dad & I still love you
You WILL find the right MAN
And we will love him too.'

(PS - no hate mail - I don't have any problem with alternative sexuality this was just in fun)

Oh the priceless look on his face!
His dad was speechless
He was speechless
The only thing he could manage to whimper out was
I have to give this one to you - that was good.

Then came the icing on the cake!
The cute lil' girl that walked by is friends with my daughter
And he goes to school with her!!!!

So Yes I do think I am funny.

My kids may be scarred for life.
But we laughed!
ANd I know there will be more -

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee is Beautiful

Who knew coffee was so pretty?
I love me some coffee!
From 'froo froo' (as my honey calls it but still drinks)
To a damn good cup of black

Not only does it SMELL amazing & taste amazing
It controls my sanity
Sure I can function without it
I just prefer not to
It is probably highly possible that my honey prefers I don't drink so much sometimes
Yes I totally get in those moods
The ones where I pick pick pick at him
I act like a 6 year old with a crush!
And it never fails .. it is always when he is in a rather chill kind of mood
And that is the best ... tee hee
Back to coffee .. I love it!
I get up to coffee
I drink it through the day
I brew a pot every night
Some nights I drink the whole pot by myself
Hmmm .. now that I say that out loud
Maybe those are the nights I lie in bed cussing & wondering why they hell I can't fall asleep
And with five kids I need all the help I can get to keep up
But who the hell knew coffee was so beautiful?
I mean really if you were served this could you drink it?
I might feel guilty

This one could be a warning!

Oh hell I can't lie
Once this was placed in front of me & the aroma started to tickle my nose..
I'd grab my camera
Take a quick pic
Then indulge in the wonderful taste of coffee.
Matter of fact here it is 10pm
I am having coffee
And there is absolutely NOTHING better than
a steaming hot cup of coffee with an awesome piece of chocolate.

YES this post stemmed from that adorable lil' cup of coffee with the monkey in it
It totally sent me on the search for coffee fun!

I am totally feeling the urge to now be a barista so I can learn yet another art form!
Off I go to finish my coffee ...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Do We Hate Mondays soo Much?

Don't get my wrong I get it
I don't care for Monday for the most part either


1 - I don't like going to work - love my job - hate going to work
2 - I seem less focused on Mondays
3 - Mistakes happen more because of #2

So why not find reasons to like Mondays?

1 - I am breathing, I could never experience a Monday again.
2 - I am healthy not sick in bed
3 - I do get to work - whether I want to or not I am blessed with a job I do like
4 - I have the weekend to look forward to
5 - I just enjoyed a weekend
6 - There is always coffee

So I vow to stop complaining about Mondays.
I mostly appreciate life anyway so why not find a new ways to appreciate it.
Why do you love Mondays?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Heart Sundays

Ok first let me remind you
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here is the piece that is being given away
So you if you want your chance to wear this cute one of a kind piece
Go leave a comment on the interview
Now moving on ..
I do love my Sundays.
I know it means my weekend is winding down & tomorrow takes me back to work
I don't hate my job at all
I actually like it
I just would love being home all the time working on what I really love
But Sundays are nice.
I enjoy the slow pace of it
The being around my people
It is just peaceful
I haven't shared some of my new pieces on here lately so I will leave you with some eye-candy
These will be finished up today
I really love the bottom piece .. my favorite at the moment.
This was made for an old high school friend of mine.
This is a gift for her sister for Christmas.
I love the huge statement with the simple look.
This is for another dear high school friend of mine.
She was one of my closest friend through my high school years
Her honey just joined the military & they are having to spend time apart
I love the way it turned out
wasn't sure I would but I do.

Have peaceful Sunday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I Learned This Week - 11/19/2010

I am always trying to think of new things to blog about
It shouldn't be that hard really
My mind goes non-stop
I have a hard time shutting it off at night even.
But when I sit down to blog it goes blank.

So I decided to start doing some standard weekly post.
For Fridays I am going to reflect on what I learned that week.

I work with an older lady that I just adore
She is always saying she still works because her grandmother always told her:
If you aren't learning your dying.

What a great saying to live by.
I don't know a single person that knows everything
I know I am not an idiot but far from knowing it all
I learn something new almost daily
Not always necessary knowledge but I learn.

So this week what did I learn?

I learned that getting a shot for dental work can actually be done with NO pain.

I learned that I still hate the cold.

I learned that no matter how hard you try to make someone smile sometimes they just won't.

... boy I came up with the idea to do this later in the week & didn't take notes ...
So more next week!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts ...

I am definitely a positive thinker.
I refuse to use the word fail or failure.
I don't see myself as failing at anything
I read this quote yesterday & it says it perfect
Failure isn't falling it is refusing to get up
I believed for a very long time I was a failure in a lot of things
If I wasn't exceeding my expectations right away
I must have been failing.


Failure only happens if you let it happen it
Otherwise it is a learning experience
A stepping stone to bigger & better things
The result of your training for what it in your path ahead

So stop using that nasty word
And start using positive words
Positive thinking

Monday, November 15, 2010

Parenting 101

Somehow I made it home without this booklet?
But even had I received this booklet I am not sure how such booklet would help.
Having 5 children I can assure you not one thing  works for all.
So with each departure from the hospital I should have received a new version.

Our kids are amazing little creatures.

They come to us without any expectations
It is up to us as parents to teach them how to expect certain things
We bring these sweet little armful of joys home with us
Then it hits you -
Oh my - they shit & it really stinks
it is my job to clean that mess up

My kids are now older.
I have completed my days of poopy duty.
Now it is figuring out how to continue being their parent
and not encourage those things that we really think is very funny
know they really shouldn't do.

I mean really that is funny right?
Oh wait - no police officer I had no idea he was doing that!
He said I told him to?
No really I told him he would get in trouble
then I snickered and said-
But it is funny!

Not only do we as parents have to read their minds & see with that so called eye we have in the back of our heads
We have to figure out how to explain why your a boy & she is a girl.
Oh & word to the wise-
If you are going to teach your son to pee while standing & decide taking outdoors so he won't sprinkle everywhere
that is what he will do for the rest of his life.
THIS is why men pee off the back porch.
Not because they are just a bunch of hillbillies-
But because us mothers didn't want to clean the sprinkle up everyday.

Then after you teach them why boys are boys & girls are girls-
They want to know more

Sure its all gross at first
Then one day you are fetching your daughter from her boyfriends house.
Or your other daughter is asking you what an orgasm is-
ONLY after she already asked some random teacher at school because her older brother found this to be a good idea & encouraged her to ask!

Where do you go from there?
Oh yea thats right -
then you have grandbabies!

Tee hee - don't tell my kids - but I shall encourage my grandkids to give their parents HELL! 

Friday, November 12, 2010


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Read my interview & follow her contest rules!

Monday, November 8, 2010

In need of a Blogging Teacher!!

Must be able to teach me how to make my blog amazing!
Must be cheap - very cheap!
I pay with friendship!
No really I am really in need of digging in & learning how to do something amazing with my blog.
I really enjoy the time I spend here .. more & more each time.
I love looking back & seeing what I did yesterday.
So here I go trying to learn something more!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Small Town is Beautiful

I am such a fan of small town living
I had the opportunity this weekend to go spend the night in Ketchum
I have family there & they were getting together for the yearly fishing trip & being so close to us we couldn't pass this one up.
It was so beautiful.
Fall is upon us.
Soon after arriving at my great uncle's place the boys made their way to the hay bales & I couldn't resist pulling the camera out.
MY boys reflecting on the beauty of nature.
We had a great day with the family.
They smoked a hog & had other great food
So we ate, visited & just enjoyed being with people we love
I didn't get a lot of pictures then
but got up this morning & had to pull out my camera & take in what fall is doing
While I am not a huge fan of cold I do adore the colors of fall.
I would love to live in a very small town
The peaceful feeling of the air around me was amazing.
No hustle.
No bustle.
Just a great sense of peace.

While taking pictures I happened across this single green leaf lying in the middle of a pile of dead leaves.
I love the way the photo turned out.

Can you imagine looking at this everyday?
How beautiful!

And of course two of my kids had to come play.
Zachary was finding acorns & found this leaf that he decided something had been biting on it .. the small holes were bite marks he said

Then Savannah just wanted her pic taken .. no leaves or acorns
Just a smile .. what a lovely smile my girl has

After taking a few pics I was able to get them to pose together
Brother was more than happy to kiss sister on the cheek.
As much as my kids fight like all siblings do
I know they still love each other very much.

Bailey wasn't much up for posing .. but I did manage one!
Another weekend has come & gone
Tomorrow is back to the hustle & bustle of life
But someday I know I will be able to live in the peace of a small town
Less worries
Less stress
A lot of peace.

Just a quick note before I go...
This piece will be given away soon.
Be looking for an interview I am doing for another blog
Jess is full of energy & inspiration
You should stop by & see what she's up to often.