Friday, June 25, 2010

Shame on ME!!

Blogging unfortunately has taken a back burner - & just when I was starting to do better!

So I - as mentioned before - had started a new job - plus it is summertime - & I have just been behind on some things.

Well a little news - I have been offered another job that I can't pass up - so here I go again!


But it will in the end free me up to do more of what I love - So don't give up on me.

I have been keeping up with some of my gardening.

I absolutely love to garden!!

Here are a few pics of my gardening -

I never knew Hens & Chicks bloomed so much to my surprise this is what mine look like right now.
I got my chicks last summer - I have a tendency to go to Lowe's & bringing home dying plants that are on clearance - like stray animals that need to be saved.
This is one my strays - this is NOT a cheap plant - I have wanted one for so long - my mom always had one & I love them - but I would see them at Lowe's for like $40.
Not me!!
But this one was on its last breath & I snagged it up for $5!!
AND just one year later & look at her!!
Beautiful & twice the size from when I got her!

Here is my newest stray - I will take pics through her healing process & share.
This one was $3.50 - normally $8.