Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day to Day

School starts in 8 days. I feel like summer just started. I am ready for the kids to get back into a routine but am not ready for the 'getting ready' for school part. Y'know - school supplies, school clothes, picking up schedules & making that work around my work schedule - all the craziness!
The kids I think are ready too. Sam will be a JUNIOR!!! OMG - where did that time go? Dalton will be a Freshman - I really wish he would change his mind & stay home to go to school here - he has decided living with his real mother is where he wants to be right now. Bailey will be in 8th grade - the big girl on campus this year. Savannah will be in 6th grade - starting a new venture in her school career - she will love this! And my little man Zachary will be in 2nd grade - wow - didn't I just give birth to him?
And so mom's nights of doing homework with them & going 'I have no idea how to do this' begins!!
Right now my life is so crazy with school starting - starting a new job - & just down right drama I have to deal with. I haven't had time to create anything! I am (slowly but surely) working on some quilt curtains for my front window - it is a rather large window. My honey is going to make me a quilt rack/shelf to go over the window. I am really excited to get this done - I am going with the Americana theme - since this is my favorite! Will definitely share pics of this when it gets done.