Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exhaustion - then its gone.

Complete exhaustion has set in.
I was hopeful Bay would just rest well last night without events.
But that didn't happen.

We settled in.
Bay went right to sleep.
Mom & I were right to sleep.

Then I hear Mom saying, 'Bailey, Bailey'
I sit up & see Bay getting out of her bed
About to pull all of her wires out.

The next about 2 hrs were very busy.
She had 2 small seizures then one big one.
I ended up sleeping most the night in bed with her
Tight squeeze - we are big girls.

Well while typing this the doctors came in to talk to us.
My exhausted feeling is gone.
Amazing how news can change the way one feels metally & physically.

For the first time in 13 yrs I know exactly where Bay's seizures come from.
I know that her seizures, where they come from & all of it makes sense.
Not to me but to the doctor.
The person that it matters to make sense to.

He can't say firmative just yet but from what he has seen so far she very well may be a candidate for surgery.
A cure.
I have hope.
She has hope.


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