Monday, June 22, 2009

Fishing with my kids -

Meet my family
This is my Zachary
This is Savannah, Dalton, Jeff, Bailey & Sam.

Here in Oklahoma it is really heating up - heat warnings daily. But when I got the oppotunity to take my kids fishing today I didn't let the heat stop me. My kids go to their dad's for the first six weeks of summer & today is the first time I have seen them since they left May 28th. Their dad is punishing me for not letting him set the rules & putting my foot down. Will he ever realize he is hurting them more than he is me & keeping this up will only push them away? I don't know if he really cares - but I hate the idea of my kids being hurt by this.

Anyway - so I pick Bailey, Savannah & Zachary up & off we go - Bailey was going to the community center with my oldest daughter to play volleyball & there is a fishing pond right there. So we get out there & I worm both Savannah & Zachary's poles & we fish. Zachary caught a small perch & was so proud of himself for catching the only fish today - but it wasn't long (10 - 15 minutes) & he was done - sitting under a tree! Then Savannah decided to step into the water & next thing you know she has fallen in the mud. So we didn't last long but I so enjoyed my kids. Times like today really make you realize how fast they grow & how important it is to enjoy every minute with them.

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