Monday, January 25, 2010

A few projects -

This is a chair I picked up last summer at a great garage sale - we gave them $50 & left with so much stuff!!! We even got a fish tank with all the accesorries & stand - not a tiny one at all! I will be working on projects with all of the things I got from there soon!

Anyway - this chair was painted pink (as you can see in the pic) with little swirly things & leaves on it - not attractive!

So I sanded it a little then painted & this is what my finished chair looks like.

I am using it in my flowerbed for plants/vines to grow on during the summer! So look forward to some great pics this summer!

Just noticed this pic doesn't show the colors well at all!

The paint bottles you see here tend to be my favorite colors to paint with.

I am very fond of anything Americana! So I tend to lean that way when creating!

These vintage spoons & forks have been prepped for sometime waiting for me to do something with them.

The forks I knew I would paint this way - I personally love the look. But I can't keep everything I paint or sew - so these are listed on Etsy for someone else who loves that Vintage Americana look. Can't you just imagine them on an ornament tree that is for year round?

In the pic you see the lil' spots? It is glitter glass - looks like debris in the pic - but it gives them a nice touch!

Last but not least - a necklace I made for a friend of mine. Her daughter's name & birthstone. Simple but perfect for a mother to show her love for her child!!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.

No doubt I should have gotten more done this weekend - but I was super lazy on Saturday - I sat on this damn computer & played Texas Hold 'Em all day on FB.

But I did kick some ass!

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