Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Wanna Be Famous ...

Here I sit yet once again daydreaming ...
Of what?
Being famous of course.
I should totally be famous!!
I would be a good famous person.
People would either love me or hate to love me.
I'm funny dammit.
I think so.
And 'I' am all that matters right?

Ok so I know I am not famous singer/actress material.
I'm cute enough to be.
But I want to be famous for something else.
No - not for running through town naked!
Hell no!
Not until I get my tummy tuck & enhancement!
Even then I think not!

I don't want to discover some amazing pre-historic animal either.
Hell no!
I have too many critters to give a shit about that!

I want to be famous for my jewelry!
Hell YES.
I want people emailing me everyday begging me to make them a one of a kind.
I want to be so busy that I have to QUIT my job.
(not that I don't love my job - I do)

So yes I do-
I want to be famous.

Ok so really if I could actually sing ...
I'd totally want to be a famous country singer.
But I am a realist & totally know that all I'd be famous with singing is the coyotes.
But hey - I still sing as loud as I can get away with when I am creating!!!

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