Monday, December 27, 2010


Like most people I adore music.
I am not prejudice about music for the most part.
I listen to a variety of music.
I find it to all be very inspirational.
Each song in its own way.

My favorite time of the day to listen to music is mornings.
I get up & turn it up loud.
One morning I might get up & scream with Metallica.
The next it might be a fun spunky Pink.
Then a good dose of Miranda Lambert.

I'm not a huge fan of classical or jazz.
I will listen to it.
But not on purpose.

Right now I am loving the fun sound of The Band Perry.
Fun playful music is usually what inspires me the most.

And of course badass women songs.
Thus.... Pink & Miranda.
Both tough kickass women.

One of my favorite things to do is get out in the garage
Turn up the music
And make jewelry.
Love it.
Me in my world.

I also love listening to music with my kids.
I love dancing & being crazy with them.
Can I dance?
Why hell no.
But I love to dance so I do.

My kids love it too.
They get a good laugh.

What music inspires you?

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