Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 07 — Someone who has made your life worth living for.

This of course is not just a simple pick one person quick kind of answer.

I am so lucky to have good people in my life. 

I have told the story about my honey ... I have to say being high school sweeties & walking away all those years ago then finding our way back to where we belong sure puts him in this category.  And he is so supportive - he believes in me - he makes life worth living.

Then there is this 17 yr old girl I know ... she came into my life when I thought it wasn't a good time at first ... but when that little angel was put in my arms almost 18 yrs ago I felt like I had a true purpose in life.  I knew this little angel would make my life worth living from the day I laid eyes on her.

I got lucky when the next one came into my life.   He came with my high school sweetie ... my step son.  We have been through some rough patches - which happens when you mix families ... but watching this boy turn into a young man has made my life worth living!

My little Todool Lous.  I was so scared to have another child.  I was a good mom.  But shit I couldn't support anyone.  But this lil' blonde haired beauty let me know when she was born that she has a purpose.  Very head strong lil' thing she was.  And still is .... Loving this child makes my life worth living!

You know when you are 5 months pregnant & get TBoned by a truck without your seat belt on & your baby is untouched there is a reason that child is safe.  I can't tell you how many times I still think about that horrific wreck that left me unable to walk for months - hitting me directly - but didn't even stress this baby out.  She is an amazing miracle & makes my life worth living.

When you & the child you are giving birth to almost die ... something happens.  You become very protective of this child.  You feel extremely blessed to even hold this child in your arms.  And when this said child turns out to be the baby boy you have been longing for it makes him so much more special.  And he loves his mother with so much of himself .... he makes my life worth living.

I have a large family - you will hear me bitch about my children.

But KNOW this ... they are what make me get up in the morning ... they are what make me smile all day ... and they make my life worth living.

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