Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 18 — Your views on gay marriage.

Wow these are getting a little bit touchy!

But I am tough I can handle it!

So my views on gay marriage.  I think it is really none of my business.  A choice in the way one lives their life is their own.  I have no business deciding if your house is painted green or black ... so why would I have any business deciding something more critical? 

Now on the other side of this ....  because there always is

There are places that cover 'domestic partners' on insurance ... but 'domestic partner' on an insurance plan means same sex partner.  Well me & my 'domestic partner' - which is pretty much the same thing - we don't have a legal document that says we are married - but in our hearts, minds & souls we are - BUT - the insurance company doesn't see that way because he has a penis & I have a vagina ... not two peckers or two chi-chi's. 

So that I say is bullshit.

No fault of the gay community at all ... I don't blame them ... nor do I judge them.

But I want things to be equal ... oh yea right ...

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