Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My creating jewelry comes from a lifetime of needing to be creative.
I see it evolving all the time.
But that is what happens with creativity.

I love a few of my recent pieces - so I thought I should come share.

Butterflys are always fun.  I loved the textured brass & had to play with it!

My love of copper & sterling silver together along with my constant dreaming this piece just seemed necessary.

And as long as it isn't just freezing outside I love doing photo shoots!  I have come to enjoy my time with my camera.

I love the rugged edgy look of this piece add with the feminine touch of a sterling silver flower.

Again ... my love of copper & sterling silver guides me often!

This piece happens to be my current FAVORITE. 
Although this does change with each new piece!  LoL

But this one just feels good.

I am even considering using it for my business cards.

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