Thursday, June 23, 2011


Why is blogging so hard for me? 

I know it isn't because I am at a lack for words.  My husband will tell you that sometimes I just don't shut up.  On Saturdays especially he wishes I would SHUT UP.

It's not that I don't have things to share.  Hell sometimes I wish I didn't have so much to share.  Ok - I guess that isn't true.  My life is full - and mostly of nothing but greatness.

It is definetly that I just don't have enough time in the day!


And yes it appears that I am complaining - but I truly am not intending for it to be a 'complaint'. 

First off I have a wonderfully supportive man in my life.  Oh don't get me wrong - there are times that he gets very frustrated ....

'You are always on that damn computer'
'You spend all your time making jewelry' - (I get that one from one of my girls too)
'Are you going to watch this movie with me'

Ok those are each & everyone very valid.  As is my response -

'If I am going to be famous I have to stay on top of things here!  I have a business to run here y'know!'

And I do have great kids.  Ok they are all a pain in my ass at some time or another!  But they really are great kids.  Having 5 kids I have a lot of 'opportunity' for teenage situations that no parent wants to deal with.  So far we haven't had anything drastic!  Because they are great kids.  Ok really it is because I scare the shit out of them!!!  (don't laugh you know you wish you had that fear in your kid - AND I can dream can't I???)

Oh & I do have a good job.  That I do like for the most part.  Ok I do like it most days - but it is a 'day' (that is for you Megan) job - not my dream job.

So I feel like I am constantly juggling.  I want to be a great wife - the kind that hewants to brag about - as if he brags!!!   I also want to be the kind of mom that my kids grow up & have great memories of me being that mom.   But I also want to be successful at something I love. 

The only solution I can come up with is to figure out how to turn a 24 hr day into a 48 hr day. 

Or become FAMOUS!!!  

So I keep juggling.  And I will make it & be successful!

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