Friday, October 16, 2009

Letting them spread their wings -

Wow - I never knew that would be the hardest thing as a mother I would do.

My oldest daughter is 16 & she met her biological father this year. I have always said I would back her decision if that was something she ever decided to do - I just didn't know how hard that would be. I am very happy for her that it went the way it did FOR HER - for me I can't say I didn't have a selfish side of me that didn't hope he would take the same stand he took 16 years ago. This is MY baby - then I had to share. I am so proud of my daughter - she is an amazing child - from birth to this day.

Well she moved in with her father two days ago. I had to let her go. It is something she needed to do. I haven't seen a smile on her face in sooo long - she needed to go fill the rest of that hole in her heart that only he can do for her. She is very lucky to also have gained 2 brothers & from everything I can tell so far a very wonderful step- mother. I knew in a year & half her wings would spread & she would leave my nest - I can't say I was ready now though. I thought I still had that year & half to sneak in her room while she was sleeping & admire this beautiful woman she is becoming.

Spread your wings baby & continue to be wonderful - I love you my angel.

This is that beautiful smile I have missed!

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