Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Children

Today I am sewing - which is a very peaceful & thoughtful time for me.
While sewing I have been thinking about my children. They range in age - 16, 15, 13, 11 & 7 - but unfortunately they cope with a common problem that our children have today - broken homes. My 16 year old was born when I was 19 - her father didn't have anything to do with her until this past summer - which at first was very hard for me - but I am dealing with it - whether or not it is good for me or not it is for her. And with this new relationship she has with her father I too have a new relationship - not with him - but with his wife. That relationship is very special to me. She & I have been on the phone for hours before - we have built some sort of friendship. This had made me think more about the situation my other children are in. My 15 year old is my step son & the other three are my children from a 10 year marriage that was never going to work. I gave my all but sometimes that still isn't good enough. And sometimes getting out is better than staying for your kids. Which in my case it was.
Ok but back to my point today. These kids should NOT have to hear from either parent that the other parent is worthless in any way! My 3 kids came home from their dad's yesterday with the same ole' story - their dad bad mouthing me.
I ask anyone that reads this that is in my situation - please remember these children will be adults one day & they will think like an adult one day. When you bad mouth their parent it hurts them - you aren't making yourself look good to them & you are tearing down any relationship you may have with them. So instead of hurting them with your negative words why not just work on building your own relationship with them stronger. Whether you like the other parent or not it is THEIR parent & they love that parent!

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