Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well I finished the quilt I was working on - I am very pleased with the way it turned out.
It is made from flannel material - very cozy!
For the stitching on the squares I used a leaf stitch - something a little different.
I love the way the colors worked together - when
I picked the materials I didn't realize it matches my store bought quilt on
my bed perfectly.
But this is a Christmas gift for my Sister In Law.

Here is another Christmas gift that I made today.
My daughter loves the peace sign - when I was in the bead shop the other
day I couldn't resist this!
I think she too will love it.

This is a Christmas gift I made for my oldest daughter's step mother.
When my daughter met her dad I didn't expect the relationship I have gained with
her step mother. But it has been great getting to know
her & puts peace in my heart knowing who my daughter is with.
I truly feel blessed that I have this relationship with this woman & that she is
Sam's step mother.

My last thing to show today - My daughter's friend asked me to make
this necklace for her coach. She has twin daughters.
I let them kind of guide me in what they wanted with me
throwing ideas out for them as well.
I like the way we designed it.

I finished the quilt up last night & made all three jewelry pieces today
& it isn't even noon!!!
I have so enjoyed myself - I needed that boost of creativity to get
me going again!!!

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  1. Oh I love the quilt - it reminds me of the one you made for me. I keep it on my bed and comforts me, especially on cold Chicago winter nights! (The jewelry is pretty awesome too! Are Lilly and Hope the twin girls' names?)