Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letting Go

I have not personally ever lost a close loved one.
I can say I can imagine how this must feel - but I think this is one of those things that until you have been there you do not truly know the pain.
But with a recent loss for my mother I think I have truly realized that sometimes letting go is easier than hanging on.
My mother lost her mother when she was only 8.
My grandmother's best friend (Doris) stayed in my mother's life - they lost contact for many years only to reconnect just before Christmas this year.
Right after reconnecting Doris' husband passed.
My mother has been driving the couple of hours often to take Doris to doctor appointments & spending time with Doris.
They totally reconnected & had time to forgive each other for wrongs that had happened.
Last week Doris had a stroke.
My mother was there - she was able to get her to the hospital immediately.
But Doris kept fading.
I have talk to my mother a lot through this & she has just been so sad & very much not herself. I was really concerned about my mother losing Doris. Afraid of her going into a funk maybe.
Well mom called me yesterday morning & Doris has gone to be with her husband again.
I kind of waited for the bomb to drop & mom to really lose it.
But instead I truly felt a peace in her voice.
She was able to let go & know that all is right because she knows that Doris is no longer missing her husband & she is not in any more pain.
While I still DO NOT look forward to losing someone dear to me - I believe that I fear it a little less now.


  1. I kind of went through the same thing this past week. I'm glad that mom found peace in everything happened.

  2. P.S. Reading this brought a little knot into my throat.