Monday, April 5, 2010

Childhood Memories

This morning I have been thinking about some of the things I brought to adulthood with me.
I was raised for most of my childhood by my father & his ex wife - my step-mother.
I didn't like her - I did for a minute - then they got married & she became my step-monster. I swear it was like over night she went from being something great to telling me how worthless I was all the time - ok so not the story I am here to tell - but maybe necessary to know to understand why I sit here kind of laughing at my thoughts this morning.
Being an adult & mother now I find myself hanging on to little quirks that she implemented in my life.
Things I hated as a kid.
Who really cares which direction your clothes are hanging on the hanger?
What does it matter if the toilet paper is over or under?
Who cares if glass glasses touch in the dishwasher?
I am so anal about my clothes hanging a certain way on the hanger!!! I TRY so hard to just hang them & not care - but it eats at me.
Toilet paper must be over not under - OMG - that drives me crazy! I would rather it not be on the toilet paper holder than to be WRONG!
And glasses in the dishwasher - well that one I have conquered! I have done it & they don't go crazy in there & break!
I also still watch the soap opera she watched when I was growing up - Y&R - there are some of the same actors on there from my childhood - they are timeless it seems!
BUT I have to record it because of work - I don't HAVE to watch every episode - as we all know you can catch up with one episode. But I do try to watch them all.
Honestly all the craziness that those rich people deal with makes me feel great about my simple lil' life!
Do you have crazy things from your childhood that haunt you?
I wonder what silly things that don't really matter my kids will take with them?

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  1. My clothes have to have a certain way and they are color coded in my closet!!! I have no idea what it's from though...