Monday, April 12, 2010

What a great weekend!

I always hate when a great weekend ends!
Saturday we had a crawfish boil with some friends - oh yum!
The kids liked playing with them while they were still alive - my 13 yr old daughter & 15 yr old son liked chasing my 11 yr old daughter with them! She didn't mind looking at them but didn't want them too close.

After everyone got their fill on crawfish, potatoes, corn & sausage & the wind died down we lit a bonfire. I love taking pictures of fire - the swirls are soo pretty!
We had a huge pine tree in the front yard that we cut down this winter - it had been really beat up by a couple of winter storms & last summer was just over taken by poison ivy - so we just did away with it - pine burns HOT!
Sunday morning we got up & my son had woke up at like 6:30 & cleaned up all of the crawfish mess & cleaned my kitchen! My kids never cease to amaze me - either he was just being super sweet or wanted us to take him fishing at Eufala - well we didn't make that drive - but we did walk out to our pond & fish for a while - it was such a beautiful day! I could sit & fish for hours without so much as a single bite! It is just the most peaceful & relaxing thing to me!
Although we did see our first snake of the season!
I am not much of a scaredy cat - but totally scared of snakes!
Talk about screaming like a lil' girl!!!

Here is my first of many bass this year!
He was a tiny lil' guy but a bass none the less!

I did get a little work done this weekend as well - here is another version of the 'I Play With Dirt' necklace I made - in silver instead of copper.

And a very simple yet precisious necklace for the lady that ordered it!
I do love the way both of them turned out - shipping them off to their new owner is going to be tough today - tee hee - I wanna wear them!!!

I have a lot of piece in the works right now -
Orders, new ideas & I am about to try a totally new tehnique for me!
I start a new job tomorrow - it will be a lot more demanding of my time than working at the restaraunt - but it will be a much steadier paycheck - so it is something that is good for us.
I have no intentions of backing off my jewelry making though.
As matter of fact - I don't think I could - lol - I have been so inspired by every little thing around me lately - I finally found a real passion for my talent & I don't think anything could stop me!
Now to figure out how to juggle this, work & being mom!
I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. It sounds like you guys had a great weekend - I wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you.

    I have a secret, Sister!

  2. what is it??? that is my game NOT yours!!!!!

  3. Hehe - having a secret is going to be fun! :)