Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Process of Making a Bracelet -

I thought I would share with you the process of making my latest order.
It is a very inspirational piece - I am so happy my customer asked me to make this for her.
Each disc starts out a smooth 1" copper disc. I used both sides of my hammer to texture the disc. Then each word is stamped on. (sorry - didn't get pics of that part)

Once I got each disc textured just right & words stamped I grabbed my sterling silver wire & twisted & turned little swirls to fit each disc perfectly. Once they are all ready I punched the holes for the jump rings to go through. I did make my own jump rings as well. I will do a complete tutorial on this for you at some point - this was done already so I didn't get pics of it either.
Once each swirl is done & to my liking I use my solder paste & put just a very small amount on the swirls & place them on the disc - after they are all ready I fire up the torch to set them in place. This is something you have to be very careful with - sterling silver will melt if you get it too hot - then you have to start all over - no fixing that!

After you solder the silver to the copper it has to sit in a pickle solution (no not like the kind you eat - lol - it is a solution you will have to get from a bead supply store) - this process helps it set properly.
Once it comes out of the pickle solution I clean it up a bit with a brillo pad (I used the fine grade) then place it in a liver of sulfur solution for tarnishing - this stuff smells bad - but does make the piece look so much better in my opinion! When it first comes out it looks like it is ruined - BUT -

After using the brillo pad to clean it up - it leaves it shiny & shadowed beautifully!

Time to piece the charms together - each one it attached to the next with jump rings.

Oh & your hands look like you have been working on your transmission in your car!!!


After attaching all jump rings (with several on the end for adjusting the length of the bracelet) I made a toggle - again I will do a tutorial on this for you later - it is attached with jump rings as well.
You now have a beautiful bracelet!

I hope to be doing more tutorials in the near future for anyone who wants to try their hand at making beautiful jewelry or just wants to see how it all happens!

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  1. WoW! GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing your creative process!