Friday, May 21, 2010

A couple of new pieces

I was off yesterday & got a few new pieces finished. I have several more in the works.
I will get them done soon.
This is just a pair of abstract earrings. I added the turquoise bead to the top of them & they finished them off just perfectly.
This pair of earrings is just a fun lil' piece that I had to make - I don't know how many people will love them as much as I do - but they represent my love for my home life.
Speaking of my home life: My oldest daughter will officially be a 'senior' when school lets out today. Oh my!!! Wasn't she just the other day lying in her crib wrapped up tight in her receiving blanket??? I remember she loved to be wrapped up sooooo tight in that blanket! I could never get it tight enough. My other kids would wiggle right out of it - but not her - even as she got bigger I would wrap her & she would love it. Although it got harder & harder the bigger she got I would continue to wrap her tiny hiney up.
She isn't so tiny anymore - but will always be my lil' baby!
What I wouldn't give to smell her baby smell RIGHT now!
I don't want to take away the adult she is becoming at all but I want just one more day of holding her in my arms - I can still hold her in my arms - but I know there is so much in her mind now - I want the innocent mind - small baby - just for another moment!!!
I am so proud of you Stephanie Anne Marie!!!

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