Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Lil' Hello is Way Past Due!!!

Wow ... I have to get it together!
I think I need a professional organizer for my life .. y'know to organize my time.
Although I totally see that as impossible.
Full time job - check
5 kids - check
lots of hobbies - check
house to clean - check
a farm of critters - check
did I mention a lot of hobbies?
I daydream often about being able to support my family on my imagination.
Maybe I should stop that & just get more done! LoL
So last weekend I did my very first walk for charity. Myself with 4 of my 5 kids walked for diabetes on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. Not only was it a wonderful cause but I also remembered how much I do totally love walking. I have been completely lazy about staying healthy lately (I think I have been totally lazy about a lot of things ... ) but after doing the walk I got my walking mojo back. And what they say about exercising giving you more energy - TOTALLY true!
Here is my imagination at work again!
I took a picture of the deer my husband shot a couple of years ago & got mounted - then used some software & did my thing to use my Cricut & cut his deer head for him to put on his truck. I figure there are so many 'generic' deer decals out there .. why shouldn't he have his own deer on his truck? I have had this idea for a while it just took me the time to gather up the software to be able to do 'my thing'

And yes I have taken some time to make a few pieces of jewelry.
This one is just a fun lil' piece. A few little flowers using some jump rings .. to be honest this just kind of happend. I didn't 'see' this one before hand.
This one makes me laugh ...
Not at all what I had in mind. But thats ok .. not always do things look like what I have in mind.
I have made this piece several times. But I do love it .. seems to get a lot of comments.
This time I decided to make this one because I talked with my favorite local bead shop & the owner & I talked about me doing some classes for her after the first of the year. She said 'I know which one I want you to do first....'
You guessed it ..... this one
With the cooler fall like weather starting to show up this piece kind of felt right.
I love the way the tree limbs turned out. I really had a hard time getting a good picture of the details so I know you can't see what I see ... but I totally love this one.
It wasn't intended to but it kind of resembles holly.
Then there is this piece.
One of my personal favorites.
I have been extremely impressed with the way my company does so much for the community .. raising money for different causes, adopting a local park .. etc.
So I came up with this necklace to donate .. it is going to be auctioned off at work & the money earned will be used to donate to the Susan G Komen fund.
I am truly proud to work for a company that does so much for people.
Do you like Coca-Cola?
Did you know they donate to the Susan G Komen fund every time you purchase one of the Fuze Empower brand drinks?
Anway - my contribution....
This was enivitable for me ...
I am so proud of to an American.
And I so respect what our flag represents.
For all of our soldiers I take my hat off for the sacrifices they have made so that I can sit here right now & write this ... & so I can do all of the things I do.
Thanks to all of YOU.
And last but not least ...
My oldest daughter is a senior this year.
She had her senior night for volleyball last week ... she asked me many times beforehand if I was going to bring her flowers. I wanted to .. but with work & schedule .. blah blah blah .. I knew I would not have time to go get flowers for her. So instead I made her some forever flowers with my love blooming forever.
This has to be one of my personal favorite pieces.
Well I have officially bored you enough ... tee hee.
I guess it can't be said that when I DO blog I leave much out?!
Oh I do have more to share ... but I will save a little ... maybe that will get me back here sooner!
Thanks for any & all that read & view my photos.

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