Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall is such a beautiful season ...

I am so not a fan of winter
Just look at this picture ...
I have never liked the snow
even as a kid I didn't make snowmen
wet, cold & dirty.
I would rather be fishing.
Oh & a GREAT time to show off my 5lb bass I caught
Yes ME!
I do love fall though.
The colors.
The smells.
The feel of the air.
It just seems to give me a sense of joy.
I enjoy hunting also
But I am a fair weather hunter
I seem to get very inspired during the fall also.
This was a piece I made using a piece of brass I had stamped but wasn't happy with ... but I do like the way it turned out now.
Simple yet fun.
Oh & this piece was so much fun!
My daughter thought that I had made it then cut it apart.
I used two seperate squares & made it to work together
I do love it myself

I made these before work yesterday & finished them up this morning
Oh speaking of .. I have been so on my game making pieces that I get up early enough every morning so I can work on something before work
Anyway .. I made the necklace below first then these just seemed to be necessary
I joined a jewelry forum & someone had said I should make a pair of earrings so whalaa
They are super cute though hu?

Now this .. I ADORE
My new jewelry forum I joined did a challenge that I totally had to get involed in.
Take a piece that you had worked on but didn't turn out.
So I took out my scrap cannister & started digging.
I found a piece of copper that I was soldering very thin silver wire on & had over heated it so part of the silver melted.
Off to the scrap pile it went.
Well I thought .. with the challenge .. what can I do with this?
I melted down the silver completely & let is flow where it wanted on the copper piece then put the flower on top of it.
I love what the melted silver did .. gave it some texture & depth!
I hate mistakes
But love what can happen from them!

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