Sunday, November 7, 2010

Small Town is Beautiful

I am such a fan of small town living
I had the opportunity this weekend to go spend the night in Ketchum
I have family there & they were getting together for the yearly fishing trip & being so close to us we couldn't pass this one up.
It was so beautiful.
Fall is upon us.
Soon after arriving at my great uncle's place the boys made their way to the hay bales & I couldn't resist pulling the camera out.
MY boys reflecting on the beauty of nature.
We had a great day with the family.
They smoked a hog & had other great food
So we ate, visited & just enjoyed being with people we love
I didn't get a lot of pictures then
but got up this morning & had to pull out my camera & take in what fall is doing
While I am not a huge fan of cold I do adore the colors of fall.
I would love to live in a very small town
The peaceful feeling of the air around me was amazing.
No hustle.
No bustle.
Just a great sense of peace.

While taking pictures I happened across this single green leaf lying in the middle of a pile of dead leaves.
I love the way the photo turned out.

Can you imagine looking at this everyday?
How beautiful!

And of course two of my kids had to come play.
Zachary was finding acorns & found this leaf that he decided something had been biting on it .. the small holes were bite marks he said

Then Savannah just wanted her pic taken .. no leaves or acorns
Just a smile .. what a lovely smile my girl has

After taking a few pics I was able to get them to pose together
Brother was more than happy to kiss sister on the cheek.
As much as my kids fight like all siblings do
I know they still love each other very much.

Bailey wasn't much up for posing .. but I did manage one!
Another weekend has come & gone
Tomorrow is back to the hustle & bustle of life
But someday I know I will be able to live in the peace of a small town
Less worries
Less stress
A lot of peace.

Just a quick note before I go...
This piece will be given away soon.
Be looking for an interview I am doing for another blog
Jess is full of energy & inspiration
You should stop by & see what she's up to often.

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