Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being a Sales Person

So do you ever have these ah-ha moments?
Me too!
As I have said before - I work for Coca-Cola - what do I do?
My title is Customer Service Representative.
That isn't sales right?
Had I known a HUGE part of my job would be sales I may not have taken the job.
No one likes a salesman.
There pushy.
They are just annoying.
But that is exactly what I am.
So what was my ah-ha moment you ask?
While in a 'coaching' session with my supervisor it hit me.
I am not only learning how to sell new Coca-Cola products to our customers.
I am learning how to sell my jewelry.
I am learning how to sell my imagination.
I am learning how to sell MY brand.
So now instead of getting that call at work that I so dreaded.
I get that call & am so excited about the practice I am getting.
Why buy PaintinByFaith jewelry?
Because each piece is completely handmade.
It is made with great skill & talent.
It comes from the heart.
It is unique.
It is a style of its very own.
Each piece is one of a kind.
Those are just some of the features of my brand.
Copper is known for its health benefits & each piece includes copper.
You will own a one of a kind.
Personalization is always an option.
Everyone loves a great piece of jewelry.
Those are just some of the benefits of my brand.

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