Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do You Go Green?

Ok so I love the whole GO GREEN concept.

I don't do as much as I can for saving out planet -
But I am thoughtful of it.
It is something I would love to teach my children.
I want to teach them by doing & let them learn by example

I do love finding amazing old things & turning them into amazing new things.
I love seeing what people can come up with using somone else's nothing.
And all along saving our enviroment.

Going to work for Coca-Cola was cool for me
They are huge advocates of recycling.
They too Go Green often.
Have you seen their ever so cool  recycled soda bottle t-shirts?
I don't have one yet - but I shall!

Imagine that - a t-shirt made from a soda/water bottle!

I have made many crafts with recycled materials.
But never my jewelry.
I haven't figured too much out about that yet.
But I want to learn.
So I do a lot of reading about it.
A lot of searching to see where to find what I need.

How cool would a piece of jewelry made from yesterdays style
turned into todays be?

Oh so this leads me to my want list for Christmas! 
More tools!!!
And I have no idea how to tell my honey I want him to spend over $200 for a tool I want!
And I want a better camera!
And ... oh I don't know I am sure there is more that isn't coming to mind!
Tee - Hee!!

And I totally think I deserve them all since I am going

Yes I am still going along my path of quitting.
I have been a bit of an evil bitch a few times.
But I think for the most part I have been pleasant -
Well considering.
I am also being very careful with eating habits right now also.
I don't want to go from not being able to breath because I smoke to
I can't breath because I am too heavy.
I have been there before & done that.
I weighed over 200lbs-
Not only was I unable to breath well
I was always hurting somewhere.

Ok I ventured way off there - but that is my update!

So do you try to Go Green?
And if you do - What do you make?
Where do you get your supplies?
I would love to hear about your GREEN!!

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