Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Becoming Smoke Free

Well obviously I slacked for a couple of days
Well not really have I been a slacker
I was off playing with my family for Thanksgiving for the weekend.
We had the best meal.
That will be another post.

Right now I have to scream & fit
I woke up while gone to my mother's house early Sunday morning
I could NOT breath.
It was awful.
Because ..
(confession coming here - yuck)
I smoke.

I actually quit years ago for 4 years.
Then it wasn't hard -
Or least I don't remember it being hard.

So I woke up yesterday & announced to my dear husband
'I'm quitting'
'When this pack is gone - no more'
So I made those last.
I haven't had but one since about 5pm yesterday.

Today at work I bummed one.
After I started crying like I was PMS'ing
Just because someone has a crappy life & picked me to be rude to.
I bummed one.
 I am rather proud of the fact I only bummed one -
I typically smoke at least a pack a day.
I kind of feel like a crazy person right now!
Either I am bouncing my leg like I am on something
Or I am ready to scream at any and everything
OR the worst yet ...
I cry!
ewww ... I don't cry.
Ok I do but not because someone hurt my feelings.
I don't get my feelings hurt.
Not by people I don't even know!

But I will
defeat this
It might take me a few days or weeks to get past the icks of it
But I'm tough  & will get past it.

It is funny my husband & I think a lot alike
Last night he said when you get the urge go get on the bowflex -
I had already thought of that!
That way I don't risk the weight piling back on either!


  1. congrats if you actually quit....nicoderm (i think) has a patch that you can smoke with till you quit...depending on how much you smoke...that might help if you're having a really hard time. I quit in 79'....totally lost the desire when i was preganant with my first...knew what a gift it was and never went back! best of luck!

  2. Way to go, Sister! I think you can do it - and then you'll come to the great realization that I have: Smoking smells disgusting!