Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MME = Meanest Mom Ever

Since when do 12 year olds want tattoos?
When did they start to think they can bargain with their parents?

Who the hell do they think they are?

So the conversation went something like this ....

12 yr old:  ‎:B  thats what my tounge looks like ... a line in the middle and a butt at the end ... iff only it had a hole in the middle then it would look like a butt with a crack and a holee BAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!! i wish it had a hole in it ...  DD:

(ps ... MME = Meanest Mother Ever)

MME:  I think I puked in my mouth a little

12 yr old:  hahhahha!!!.....but lets get serious......I WANT A HOLE IN MY TONGUEEEE!!!

                                                             4REALS MOMMA 

MME:   I thought you had made this major OMG change into pink & glitter & all that?

12 yr old:  that dont meann i have to give up wanting tattooo's and percings......and i found out you can pay someone to come to yr house to give u a tattooo at my agee;DDDDDD

                                              ......u think i could get an owl on my fooot?(:

MME:  when you are 18 I think you can

12 yr old:  oh mom please, you know you wanna let me so that you look like the coolest momma evr, and you know how much i will freaking lovvvvevevevevevev you if you do say yes so you mide-as-well say yess.

And like that is going to sway MME!!
I am not the coolest momma ever
So why would I want to look like it?
I am MME!!!!

I love being MME!

They love MME too!

                                              Even without a tattoo she still rubs my feet!

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