Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - New Goals.

New Year's Day.
It's been a quiet one.

I haven't worked on jewelry at all today.
Well my mind has.
But my hands haven't.
I wake up sometimes with my mind working on ideas.

I have simply enjoyed my family.
Time with my kids.
My honey, mother & SIL.

While I have not spent any time working today
As before mentioned-
My mind has.
Not only ideas for designs,
But also thinking about the side of this that I don't know a ton about.

What I 'do' is run my own business.
Is it a store that has 'business' hours
One that I go to everyday?

It's a thing I do.
I create pieces of art.
Art that you wear.
Art that I sale for a small profit so that I can make more.

So this year -
I want to learn more about the business side of what I do.
The part that will put me on the map.
Give me a reason to continue to design.

So now that I have ramble a bit -
Because I am writting & watching a movie -
But you get it -

I think I have a goal.

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