Monday, December 13, 2010

Mushrooms are Beautiful

Ok so first off ...
I know I have totally sucked for the past week or so.
I know this.
And just when I was getting better!

So I did my first treasury on Etsy tonight.

What was my theme you ask?
Well ...
Mushrooms of course.
I just think they are so lovely.
I know fungus right?
And so?
They are whimsical lil' things really.
When I look at 'just' a mushroom
I don't see the beauty
But when I look at it like in these pictures they seem so mysterious.
Some thing about them becomes magical
Something beautiful.
In photography they become an amazing focal point of photos.
I haven't seen a mushroom photo I didn't like.
This is one of my favorites-
Because MY own brother took it?
But more likely it is the angle at which he chose to take it.
I know right?
How cool is that?
Of course there is also the fact that when I think mushroom
I think Alice In Wonderland.
And WHO doesn't just love Alice?
A fantasy world that can only happen in our dreams.
Can you imagine being that little girl?
Following a rabbit of all things
I would totally follow such a handsome rabbit!
And what a trip she had.
She saw such amazing things.
The Mad Hatter of course never looked better than this
Johnny Depp makes everything look better!
And so these little fungi umbrellas still amaze me
To be so ugly but yet be so beautiful.
You know - there are many things in this life that are just that.

So ugly but yet so beautiful.

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