Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My High School Sweetie

Yes I had one.
Don't laugh ... you did too!
And the best part about mine - he is still my sweetie!

So yes I have a story to tell.

Long long ago in a land far far away
This young girl with huge hair and very large red glasses
Spotted a handsome prince across the way
The young girl upon seeing this beautiful creature
Knew she had to be his wife.

So she did what any other 16 year old girl would do
Called on her friend to go tell him he was cute
And he did what any other 16 year old boy would do
Tried to act really cool around this young girl

And so it began ....

Yes this is how I met my high school sweetie.
And YES I had huge hair & glasses.
I was sooo cute!

We both lived in homes
Me in a girls home that was affiliated with his boys home
I was from Oklahoma
He from Texas

We started this dream July 1990
He & I were to graduate in May 1991
We lived miles apart -
Gosh I don't remember exactly how long that drive was
But it seemed like it took us days to get there.

I remember driving to Boys Ranch with all the girls
We would go for different events
And all the girls were going for different reasons
To get out of our hell hole
To be in different atmosphere
But me?
I was going to see my future husband
And the drive sucked!

So then we'd finally get there for a dance or whatever it was
And then the wait for my future husband to show up would start
Oh that would be a killer too.

We would finally be reunited
We would have our dance
Or whatever event we drove all that way for
(we personally were told constantly - NO PDA)
Then I would cry & start the drive back to no mans land.

But we wrote everyday!
Ok almost everyday. 
We were soo young
And sooo in love!

So after a full year of being crazy about each other
And making many plans for after graduation
The day came & went
I came home to Oklahoma
He stayed in Texas

The time came & went
We just grew apart
He went on with his life
And me with mine.


But we never forgot.
Through the years he would find me
I would try to find him
We would talk
I would cry

We never hung up with telling each other we loved each other
We always knew one day we would come back together
Even if it was when we were old & grey.

Well in 2005 he called me.
After we hung up I cried.
For a long time.
I needed this beautiful creature back in my life.
I couldn't wait for years for another call.
I couldn't.

So I called him back the next day & said I don't want to wait anymore.
I love you.
You love me.
Marry me!

Yes I asked him to marry me.

Well here we are in 2010.
His heart lives with me now.
And forever.

I never knew love could be so amazing.
I never knew I could be so happy.
And I am.

So this fairytale has yet to end.
It was only on hold.
I can still remember the way his kiss felt the first time.
I still feel that thrill everytime he kisses me.
I am happy.

PS: We still have all those letters we wrote!
They make us laugh so much!

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  1. Faith....that's quite an amazing story....quite a love story...I'm glad you both found your two are great together! Sue♥