Tuesday, January 18, 2011

40 by 40 - This Could Easily Become a Favorite!

I have always been a sucker for a challenge ... but this one I am super excited about.   We all have things we really want to do before our time right?   I can't even count the times I have said I want to do that someday. 

When I read this challege I knew I had to take it!  I am positive this will take some thinking ... hell I could think of it if I wasn't trying right! 

I want to thank Shelly for being an inspiration & always being a positive motivation!

So since I will be 40 (oh shut up ... I can hear my brats voice now ... see mom I told you you were old)  on August 17, 2013.  So I have three ... two & half years to try & accomplish my items on my list. 

In no specific order ... just the order I could pull them out of my lil' brain.

1.  Take a quilting class.
2.  Quit smoking COMPLETELY.
3.  Have a figure I am proud of & stop hiding behind my clothes.
4.  Get a tattoo with my mother.
5.  Have my own deer head hanging on my wall.
6.  Marry my best friend.
7.  Go noodling.
8.  Go to an OU vs Texas game with Jeff, Teresa & Billy.
9.  Become successful with my jewelry creations.
10.  Paint the barn window/door from my the barn my Papa built.
11.  Play in a Texas Hold 'Em tournament.
12.  Drive a motorcycle.
13.  Learn how to make spinner rings.
14.  Have beautiful arms .. the kind that aren't big body builder arms but very nicely shaped.
15.  Take family pictures with my kids. 
16.  Make my grandmother a rosary.
17.  Buy an amazing camera & take amazing pictures.
18.  Go see my sister in Yellowstone.
19.  Put a small fountain pond in my flowerbed. 
20.  Build a greenhouse. 
21.  Get a piercing.
22.  Learn how to make an amazing Tuna Steak encrusted with Seasame Seed on the grill.
23.  Start selling jewelry supplies in my shoppes. 
24.  Learn etching for jewelry.
25.  Take my children on a week long summer vacation.
26.  Fish in a fishing tournament.
27.  Build an entertainment center for my living room. 
28.  Be a top salesman for the month at work.
29.  Go on a vacation with just my honey.   
30.  Buy a new TV for the living room.
31.  Finish my living room curtains.
32.  Finish an afgan.
33.  Get my daughter's horse broke. 
34.  Actually build a following on my blog (lol)
35.  I am getting old & can't come up with anything else. 
36.  I think I will give it up.
37.  Besides I really only 2.5 yrs to complete this list. 
38.  I have seriously been trying to think of 40 things for like days ...
39.  Did I mention I would love being a famous jewlery designer by the age of 40?
40.  And not working outside the house - but for myself.

Whew ... I did it!  
Ok shut up - I know I sucked at this ... but it was fun anyway.

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