Sunday, January 2, 2011

Band Back Together

I have this favorite blog.
Mommy Wants Vodka
I know kind of fitting right?
I don't think it is the Vodka part
Since I am more of a beer kind of girl.
I think it is the honesty
The pure 'Shut Your Whore Mouth' honesty of it.
Oh & that little thing Aunt Becky & I have in common -
The 'F' word is the most amazing word in the history of words.

But another thing I love about Aunt Becky...
She not only says whats on her mind
The most blunt way possible.
She also says the important things.
She has a heart the size of elephant balls (which I just assume would be BIG)
Going through things in life that are her own
have led her to want to help other people.
Put a place on the internet for us (yes you & I) to go put it out there.
Those things we would rather not talk about.

Like the fact that my daughter has seizures.
Not something I really want to think about.
And for only the simple fact that as mentioned many times:
I have perfect amazing well mannered children.
All 50 of them.
(ok thats my kids X's ten - but really they feel like 50)

So go support Aunt Becky's new 'Band'
Go be a part of supporting others that have been there with you.
Whether it be from an abusive family past
Or a child that didn't deserve what was handed to them.

Also if you just want to get to know Aunt Becky a little
Here -

I haven't yet
I will be sharing my story when I am ready.
I am so Band Back Together material!

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