Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Carnival - SATeam - Story Behind The Name

I am part of a group ... I know right ... someone likes ME!! 
Anyway - this is a jewelry group - they do blog carnivals.
We pick a subject & post on it & link to everyone ...
So here is my first.

My business name - where did it come from?
Well many moons ago  .. tee hee .. not really but several years back I was a stay at home momma & started painting.  I laugh now at some of the first things I painted .. yuck!  But I became very good & sold my painted items on eBay.  I loved doing this.  I had my own little desk & everything.  I never made much money at it - enough to keep doing what I loved. 

But back to why.

I had to have a name for my eBay account ... I wanted cute & catchy but I am NOT creative in that way at all.  So I played with it until I just said ok ...

So I was 'Paintin' - my best southern english.
'By' - well ....
'Faith' - my middle name, what I hold onto all the time!  You have to have FAITH!

So when I started making jewelry.  I tried to come up with a new name.  I even had one.
SassaLou's Bijou - when I was lil' they called me Sassa Lou. 
But I have so many online friends that know me as PaintinByFaith - so I hated to change.

Now that I have kind of found my own style ... I see it as using small pieces of metal as my canvas - like I am using metal like paint.  Making a piece of art.  So it works!

Be sure to stop by some of my friends blogs & see how they came up with their name!


  1. Thanks for your story. I think your jewelry does look like you are painting with metal. You have a very distinct style and I think the name works :)

  2. Vanessa, I love this story. I guess I didn't realize you actually painted too! I love your work, it's cozy and friendly. Just the kind of thing someone would want in their home to make it look like a home. I think of your jewelry the same way... your pieces have such a "loved" look to them.. like it's your best friend around your neck. Make sense? Great post!!!

  3. My computer is in a sunny room on the South side of the house and I can't read the yellow text on the green at all...

  4. Good morning! It's nice learning where your name came from. I was never sure if it was part of your given name or part of your believe I know it's both!

  5. Great story Vanessa. I like your country style decorative art as well as your rustic jewelry. They both have a wonderful impression of comfort, like an old friend.
    I am also a painter. it's amazing how one art leads to another isn't it?

  6. I love the double play on your middle name. It's great that you were able to work it into your business name like that.

  7. Lovely background story. Wonderful painted creations. Love them.

  8. Never realised that you were a painter but gathered by your name you must have been one at some stage, you are right - your pieces are miniature paintings using a different medium, great post.