Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need to be in charge ...

I don't know why but I have this huge need to be the one in charge.
I want to be the woman not work for the man or woman.

I know we all have that desire right?

But I take this to a new level. 
If I am in a 'team' I find a way to totally put an 'I' in it!
If it isn't being done 'right' I have to step in & open my big mouth & make it 'right'.
Which by the way who decides what is exactly 'right'

Well ME of course.

I tend to get told often to 'shut the fuck up' ... ok not really in those exact words.
But I think those exact words would work better.
Even when in my head I am saying 'Its ok nothing more needs to be said just shut the fuck up'
I still find my mouth wide open & BLAH BLAH BLAH coming out of it.

Where the hell does this come from?
Being a mother of a large herd?
Being told for so long that I was stupid?
I am so not stupid.

So I am going to start working on knowing how to shut the fuck up.
It won't work but I can sure try!

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