Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 14 — A hero that has let you down

I know I am a little behind on my days ... but I intend on finishing this.

So today I write a letter about my disappointment.

Dear YOU. 

Yea you.  I know what you did & you know that I know.  It's something I am so not proud of.  Matter of fact I am extremely disgusted.  The anger is very much there.  I don't know even how to handle it.  Pretend not to be I guess is my current stage. 

But you see it I know there are more stages.  I already went through numbing it with drinking everyday.  I am not an alcoholic ... but I did use the bottle to numb my thoughts for a time. 

I don't even understand how anyone can do what you did. 

I don't see you in the same way I have my entire life.  I never will again.

So Dear YOU - I hate what you have done & I don't think I can ever forget it.

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