Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 5 - Something you hope to do in your life.


An amazing feeling.

For many hope can save them. 

But I am going to go with a lighter post today.  I feel it necessary.  My last post weighed heavy on my heart.  I want to let that go ... but can't.

So what do I hope to do? 

Well a lot of things ...

- Marry my highschool sweetheart
- Become successful in my jewelry
- My kids become everything they want to be
- To fish more & freeze less
- To become happy with my body
- Meet Pink
- Spend more time with my friends
- My honey becomes his own boss with his own plumbing business

I hope a lot of things ... but I don't dwell ...

Hope is like dreams - you have to have it.


  1. Haha.. "Meet Pink" made me giggle. :) Do you have plans to see a concert of hers?

  2. LoL ... like I said wanted to make it lighter! No but if she is ever close enough I am so going! She rocks!