Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Wonderfundal Land ...

I am most positive you could feel the pure sarcasm that came with that title.

Personally I hate winter.  No need for it at all.  If I never saw white snow again I would be just fine.

I dream of living a life in a warm paradise .... do they really exist?  I mean really could I really go enjoy this on a daily basis.

I have my doubts that I will ever live in such a place ...

Now I do live in Oklahoma ...  yep true bred Okie ... and very proud of it.
We love the lake, 4 wheelers, fishing, hunting ... but not snow.  We like to live more like this ...

Now that is my kind of day!


That is snow outside my glass door that came up above my knees.  WHY?
Mother Nature officially hates me!
I do NOT do snow ... especially buckets & buckets of fucking snow.
Then of course you have the snow plows or whatever they rig to use as a snow plow & make this mess ...

Snow high than the tops of buildings. 
Who the hell knocked me out & moved me & my life to the north?
Then of course your son's car disappears ... yep that is actually a car under there ...

Ok so it gave me time to work on my guns.  Yep check those babies out!

Shut the hell up ... I know I have no shame!

I know hot right? Shut up.
But really look there is some shape forming ..

Ok back to the weather ... who in their right mind likes this?  Oh right my kid.
He is cute hu?

So I did learn a few things through this torture of a week!  

1- Cold sucks
2- Oh yea I knew that
3- My job really does rock ... they shut down for our safety. 
4- Oklahoma becomes crippled past 5" of snow.  
5- Psst ... Motherfuckingnature take note of #4
6- Okie's rock!  When there is going to be a lockdown of such they make sure they have the essentials ... what are those you ask?  Apparently since every store was out of bread, milk, eggs, meat & beer ... I would say those are the essentials!
7- I totally get shit done when I start to go stir crazy - wait until you see all the jewelry I made!!!!

So this story I am sure does not end here. 
We were in the 70's on Saturday Jan 29.  On Tues Feb 1 we were crippled by a blizzard.  On Thur Feb 3 we were able to go back to work ... well some of us.  On Fri Feb 4 it snowed another 5-7 more inches shutting work back down & causing utter chaos.  Today Sat Feb 5 the sun is shining & looks like it could be a decent day if it weren't for the shit mother nature took on us.  Then Sun Feb 6 they are calling for more snow.  Mon Feb 7 sunny.  Tue Feb 8 more snow.  Wed Feb 9 WAY MORE SNOW (mother nature you are really pissing me off).  Then the following days we day by day build until we are going to be in the 50's on Sun Feb 13. 

I say screw Feb 2011!!

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