Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just One of Those Days ....

I must say I am pretty damn lucky.  Very rarely do I have one of those days.  But when I do it makes up for my great days.

So since I can now laugh about my dumbass I will share my shitty day with YOU.

Everyday I get up early - I don't have to be at work until 8:30 but I still get up at the latest at 6am.  Because I need all that time for my baddass rocker hair like I did when I was in high school?  No.  Because I drive like an hour to work? No it is an amazing like 2 mile drive.  I get up that early because I am old I think.  Ok shut up.  I am not really old ... I am really hip young chic!  

Oh  yea my day.  So I got up & did my John Cena kind of workout on my bowflex  (note to self: must have guns before I go see Tammy) which always starts my day off great.  I love working out.  Then off to shower & get ready for work so I have time to play with metal & fire before heading out to my day. 

I had started my great wonderful car without a payment so I could take my oldest two kids down to the bus ... when I got back I decided to leave my truck running so it would get all the frost off my window by the time I left - well because it is a wonderful car without a payment or a heater

So off I go in the house.  I was pretty much ready to go & my son was at his dad's house so I had the rest of the morning to play with fire & metal.  I turned the radio up louder & my muse & I began to dance.

Now anytime I can go out to my desk before work & play well with my muse it is normally going to be a great day.

But not yesterday.

Oh hell it was time to put down the torch & head out.  I still had a few minutes but if I didn't stop where I was I knew I would push it too far & be late to work.  So out the door I go ....

Now to give a little history on my wonderful car without a payment.  I sold my most awesome MONSTER truck ever because I thought I was getting to old to be sporting around in a MONSTER such as she was ... shut up I am NOT old!  When I sold her I rushed into buying another vehicle - like I knew better than to do!!  So current wonderful car without a payment does not go completely into park sometimes ... ok wait it didn't go completely into park as it should but currently it doesn't go into park at all ... the emergency brake is a must.  So it slips itself into reverse as it pleases (I think it is haunted)  (OK OK hell not really but it sounds good).  Well when this wonderful car without a payment slips itself into reverse it kicks the lock & LOCKS the doors.

So Yep there I go to work ... or not. 

Oh yea & as if that wasn't enough wrong with (ok won't say it again) that car ... the window on a normal basis will not go onto the track.  I have my handy dandy BancFirst pen in there to keep the window from falling down. 

But of course BEHOLD this window for the first time since it belong to me is on the track.  There is absolutely NO pushing it down.  Even the crowbar was not budging this window.  I did consider busting the window. 

So here is the deal ... I cannot call in ... I have already used what I can for now.  I have vacation, holiday .. .blah blah blah ... but I will lose my job I love so much if I call in. 

Here I sit in tears ready to push this running vehicle that I cannot get into in the pond. 

My solution?  Simple!

I call my boss, she comes & gets me - I leave my favorite vehicle ever running in my driveway & I walk away ...

Now it sits out of gas, battery dead, keys inside ...


  1. Haha - I'm sorry but this story is HILARIOUS! I can imagine you kicking the tire and cursing up a storm!!

  2. It's ok I can laugh about it now. But that day sucked. I was pissed off all day long. I couldn't find a ray of happy to save my life. Just pissed! LoL ... but it was funny. I don't think I kicked the tire ... but I seriously thought about busting out a window!