Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walking Advertisment

I was told the other day I looked like a walking advertisment.

Well of course I did!
You have to be willing to wear your own creations.
Why would you make something you don't absolutely adore yourself?
I don't.

If I wouldn't wear it I don't make it.
Ok I kind of take that back - if I get an order for something of course I will make it.
Even if it isn't something I would pick to wear.

But yes I do wear my pieces.
I wear them to test the strudiness.
I wear them to test the comfort.
I wear them all almost!
At least once.
Well minus the earrings - because of the obvious.

I find myself actually liking to wear jewelry now.
I didn't at one time.
Because I wasn't finding MY style.

Now I totally have my own style!!
And I love it!

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