Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No matter how many seizures my child has I never get use to them.
I know you understand that.
I see her go into that state where she doesn't know who I am or what I am saying.
She still talks - but it makes no sense.
She pushes me away.
Then she cries when it's over.
I always think she is crying because it hurts.
But she says because she is embarrassed.
I tell her to never be ashamed of who she is.
She is beautiful.
She is one of the most loving & compassionate child I know.
She has a passion for animals.
As you can probabley tell by this picture - who carries around a rooster with a blanket?

She did have a seizure today.
Which was a good thing today.
She is in a protected enviroment.
And the doctors will now be able to see the seizure itself along with the brain wave readings with it so we can get more understanding of her seizures
And a treatment plan that works for her.
So that seizure was good.
That is so hard to say.


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