Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Right now in my life this is a word that I am trying to say to myself everyday.
I have a HUGE support group in my life - my family.
Everyday Mom, Sister, Hedder & I email back & forth - we talk about any & everything (&I do mean everything - tee hee).
Sister especially encourages me to blog more. I always say 'I know - but' She is also always telling me how I should share my love & passion more for what I do - my creative endeavours.
So here is MY big hold up: I am so afraid of sounding arrogant.
I read other blogs & I don't think of them as arrogant - so why should I feel that I sound arrogant - right?

Here is to me starting to BELIEVE in ME.
1. I am a wonderful mother. (I put that first because, well because my kids are so important to me)
2. I am a very talented person.
3. I have GREAT ideas.
4. I am a caring person.
5. I can do anything I set my mind to.
6. I - while no super model - am a beautiful person - inside & out.
7. I love creating things that make people smile.
8. I am not afraid to reach past my comfort zone.
9. I love life.
There I said things OUTLOUD that I am sometimes afraid to say.
NOW I will live this way.
I want to share my gift & passion with YOU -

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  1. Oh I'm so proud of you Sister! You blogged, it made me smile and you don't sound arrogant!