Friday, April 2, 2010

Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes

I set up a fan page on my facebook a couple of days ago - I know I need to be very active on it - as I should here - to keep & gain interest. So yesterday I found one of my favorite quotes & just posted it. It is something - & it is meaningful for me.
I have always been a fan of inspirational quotes anyway. Today I went in search of a quote for today - wanted it to be something about being an artisan (somebody who is skilled at a craft) - during my search I found a quote by Tori Amos that grabbed me.
Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes.
Most people spend their lives trying to fit into some sort of box - or some sort of clique.
As a teen & possibly into my 20's I think I tried to fit into a box - tried to find a place to be part of something. But somewhere along my path in life I figured out that I don't want to fit in - I want to be me - not someone else.
I find more everyday I live by this idea.
I find myself also being this way with my creations. I don't want my ideas to be the same as what someone else is making.
Me making jewelry is kind of a funny thing to me. I have never been big on wearing jewelry. Maybe that is because I just didn't find things I loved - I find I really LOVE what I make. It has a statement in it some way or another.
Take this piece for example -
I think we forget to follow our hearts sometimes - we are taught as children to use the brain we have right? Well sometimes our brains overthink things & our heart - well it can lead us in so many directions - not always right & not always wrong. But by following what your heart is feeling can bring through things you need to go through to be where you are inevitably suppose to be.

Then there is this necklace - I don't ever remember seeing a piece of jewelry dedicated to dirt! LoL - it is actually representing a love for the garden. I know there are so many people that love to play in their gardens. The idea of growing something - cultivating it & succeeding at it is so rewarding!
So my point being - don't be afraid to stand out in a crowd. Live outside that box you have been cramming yourself into.
I too am going to work towards being outside of my box - leave my comfort zone & create things not everyone will love but some people will not be able to live without because it speaks to their very soul!

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