Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Job - almost done with training - whew

Well I have been slacking on my blog - but for good reason - a new job.

I started a new job April 14 - my last day of training will be Friday - then I start working 4 ten hour days a week. While ten hours will make for a long day - I am excited about the 3 days off a week. I will be able to work on jewelry without taking a lot of time away from my family.

But since I have been slacking I have a few things to share.

My 13 yr old daughter is following in my creative shoes. For Christmas this year I bought her a sewing machine - she was always wanting to use mine - but because of the cost of mine I just couldn't let her so now she has her very own Singer!

Well this past week I kept hearing the hum of her machine but she didn't show me what she was working on - well here it is ----

Yes her very own FIRST rag quilt!!! I am so proud of her! She took it to school & gave it to one of her favorite teachers - I would love to have kept that one - being her first - but she is a giver & I won't take that from her.

I haven't played to much with my jewelry in the past few weeks - just not enough time in a day - but I did make these cute lil' earrings --

I just LOVE them!!

NOW for some really BIG news.

Well big for me -

I love to tease. I am really horrible at keeping secrets - I seem to always give them away or just tell because I can't stand myself!! BUT I am also very bad about teasing - well - my lil' sister decided to turn the tables on me. She is in the process of moving from Chicago to YellowStone park for the summer for work. Well on her way she came through here to see me. Well she had a 'secret' she was keeping from me!!!
Remember this pendant I made?

Well this is my sister's arm.


I am sooooooo soooooo honored!

I don't think I have ever felt like I did when I saw this on her arm.


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  1. Awww! I'm glad you liked it Sister! I love it and get a ton of compliments on it!